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GP Stellar is committed to providing innovative renewable energy consultation and contracting services, with the ultimate goal of achieving a major transition towards green energy technologies throughout the MENA region.
GP Stellar aims to provide solutions to customers that suffer from high energy consumption and high energy costs by advising them to 
take energy efficient measures, and by designing and executing solar PV systems for residential, commercial, or industrial use.

Our vision is to become a leader in the Renewable Energy industry by providing a strategic and certified network of energy professionals that offer efficient green energy solutions.

Our Team

Karim Hannawi
Partner - Energy Engineer
Ali Ezzeddine
Managing Partner - Energy Engineer
Mohammad M. Ibrahim
Partner - Finance Developer
Amir Hijazi
System Analyst - Solar PV Designer
Karen Al Harakeh
Structural Engineer
Kassem Eid
Technical and Maintenance Controller

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Address: 10th Floor, Broadway Center, Hamra Street | Beirut-Lebanon
Beirut - Lebanon

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